Finally a way for Corten Containers to get you into hot water in public!

13 Dec

We live in the mountains of Montana. It gets COLD here. Subzero cold. Sometimes it lasts for weeks.

We’ve found that nothing beats the heck out of a chill like a hot bath.

We’re the “Kings of Corten”. We do things with these boxes that many can’t even imagine. We’ve been doing it for 35 years…

But every once in a while, somebody get’s a “crazy Corten idea” that makes us think, smile and then… grab the welders.

Anyone reading my blogs or Facebook page knows that ISBUs (Shipping containers) have been used to revolutionize housing for decades. We started hacking them up in the 70’s. We have ISBU homes in America that have their third generation of families living in them. Hell, we still had hairlines back then… πŸ™‚

We’ve seen some pretty crazy ISBU stuff along the way including fortresses complete with corner lookout towers, high country ski cabins dropped in the rocks in the Alps, Corten pyramids piled 6 stories high and even extreme sports facilities that have scuba diving operations housed inside them.Β  Speaking of cabins, we’ve even seen them hanging from wires suspended between trees. Watch that first step! Oy! πŸ™‚

Now a handful of guys have started a Kickstarter program to turn ISBUs into bathhouses. Yep. Bathhouses.

It’s not really that far-fetched. We’ve turned them into saunas.We’ve turned them into spa houses with a Jacuzzi tucked inside. We’ve turned them into freestanding shower facilities in some really remote locations.

But this? This brainstorm is called “SOAK”.


It’s basically a “green embrace” of bathhouses to give them a better reputation. We all know about bathhouses and the reputation that some claim they foster. But in other countries, public bathing is a social event as much as a hygiene one. The biggest problem with bathhouses is that they use a lot of energy. Or… do they?


The main premise behind SOAK is that it aims to remove some of the guilt which may result from being a regular visitor to resource-heavy spas or bathhouses, by using renewable energy sources and recycled shipping containers.

The concept calls for 10 percent of SOAK’s water to derive from collected rainwater, while its designers state that all required electricity would come from solar power thanks to photovoltaic cells on the roof.

The Kickstarter literature says that SOAK will be a well stocked bathing facilities, complete with cold plunge buckets, showers and a solarium. The guys planning SOAK say that the capacity would be dependent on a small physical footprint that would also make sustainable energy more practicable.


See more of this project, here:

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