Sustainability means overcoming adversity in every form.

19 Dec

People ask me why RR takes such a “militant” political position as we teach families sustainability and help them to build affordable, energy efficient homes.

“Can’t you just teach housing and NOT politics?” they ask.

The simple answer is “NO.”

The REASON that we’re pushing so hard, the reason that we’re working virtually around the clock is that we see the political environment in America changing…

… and not in the favor of American middle class families, who are the very SPINE of America. It’s our values, our sweat and our toil against all odds that have made this great nation strong. It is the compromising of those values that built this country that now undermine it. There are those who are actively trying to legislate us out of existence.

We see acts to strip civil liberties from Americans as “theft of Constitutionally granted and supported rights.” We see continued (even escalated) governmental intrusions into American lives as being “beyond the defined bounds of Government” based on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We see the fabric of America being torn into tatters by those who seek personal profit and not progress for all Americans.We live in a land where there are more people on Government programs than there are employed, self-sustaining people. The economics are obvious. It cannot be sustained.

This means change. And, we’ll point out that change is never easy nor predictable.

We counsel our families to achieve a level of sustainability that will insure that they not only survive difficult times, but SURPASS it.

People like Barbara Walters think Obama is the “messiah.” It’s those left-leaning journalists (whom we suspect have no clue about what it’s like to live in the “REAL AMERICA”)  who keep spewing their “kool aid” about how great things are… thanks to Barack. Walters’ recent admission on Piers Morgan’s cable trainwreck about how Obama is revered as a “messiah” can only reinforce the notion among conservatives and gun owners that America’s mainstream press is fundamentally shallow, reckless and incredibly stupid. This further supports our belief that the media cannot and will not report healthcare or 2nd Amendment issues (or any other issues) fairly or accurately.

To survive difficult times, you must understand them and their nature. It is only in their recognition that you become empowered to survive these events. We strive to insure that our families survive this and any following administration.

We’re talking about our children’s future…

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2 Responses to “Sustainability means overcoming adversity in every form.”

  1. wildwomyn December 23, 2013 at 1:21 am #

    I am an ultra liberal, gun owning, sustainability loving lesbian. I believe much as you do. However, I don’t think that the conservatives of this country have the best interests of human beings at heart. Now before you go off thinking that I want everyone to be on welfare, earned income credit, or food stamps – that is not my position. I do think we need safety nets. But corporate welfare is the biggest expenditure in the Federal budget. Also, when large corporations don’t pay their employees a living wage, they have little choice but to resort to food programs, rent help programs and the like, which we tax payers are being forced to support. If these corporations paid their employees more, they could deduct more on their taxes, the employees would be paying taxes instead of getting money back through earned income credit, they would not be on food or rent programs, and our tax burden would lessen. These programs would then become true safety net programs rather than programs that corporations take advantage of by not paying their employees a living wage.

    Cut corporate welfare, increase import tariffs to equalize the price of goods produced overseas to those produced in America by American workers, use tax disincentives for companies that ship jobs overseas instead of keeping them here, use additional tax disincentives for companies that keep wages low forcing their employees to use Federal programs by taxing them the same amount of money that their employees receive under Federal programs. I’m sure we can come up with more ideas so that we keep Americans working, producing, and paying their share of taxes.

    As I near retirement age, I am downsizing and looking into having a corten home. How I’m going to accomplish that remains to be seen. But I think sustainability is important to our future.

  2. Darryl Whiting December 23, 2013 at 12:31 pm #

    Love reading your articles and the comments “Wildwomyn”. I live in New Zealand, the land of plenty but I feel the things that are troubling you are, or will be trouble for us too.
    The point about the welfare system being a drain on our economy, I agree with. But then, I noticed you actually said “corporate welfare” and that suddenly changed my prospective and I realized that it’s all about how you present things or, as I often refer to, “Percieved Value.” and the corporates (in what ever form), will present the situation (because they can afford to) as if it was the poor and down trodden that are a drain on everything when it is becoming obvious to all that it is the rest of us that are supporting them. I think 🙂

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