Okay, sometimes you have to wait for Christmas Presents…

25 Dec

We’ve all gotten “gifts written on cards” during the “holidays”…

You know, “The card is redeemable for X” kinda stuff.

On several of our blogs (and even on our facebook page) we’ve been talking about chicken coops lately. Many of us live in areas where it’s possible to raise chickens for both eggs and meat. And, some of us live in places where there are other critters who like that idea too.

The hardest part of building  “outbuildings” is that they require a footprint in your yard.

(Oh stop it! I heard that! You don’t have to say; “Doh!” so loudly!) 🙂

My point is that you want those buildings to multi-task if at all possible. The more they do, the less you build, right? Now me, I’m building and then laying down paths as much as possible, because it means less lawn to mow, but others… well… they like their grass.

One of our readers “issued” one of these “IOU Holiday Gift Cards” to his wife, who raises chickens. Now, he didn’t really consult with us first…

He just “Hail Mary’d” us after he actually did it…

He “challenged” us to figure it out. In other words, he wants us to bail his sorry butt out. Oy. 🙂

Hey, we’re always up for a challenge. And we already know that his wife is getting really P.O.’d at the local deer population, that seems to think her potted herb plants are then tastiest things on the planet.

So, what we’re proposing is that we use a small ISBU to build a chicken coop near some trees. Insulated and then “veneered” with wood planking harvested on site. the “coop” roof will reach out to embrace a pair of trees, allowing a large deck to be constructed several feet up off the ground. This elevated deck will be the perfect place for her to raise her herbs, far out of the reach of the local deer. (Imagine that… deer pre-spiced and herbed”… I’m gonna have to give that some thought… maybe while cradling a rifle…)

This deck serves two purposes. It also creates the area beneath it for the chickens to play, carefully fenced and protected from critters who think them “tasty”….

It’s going to look something like this;

ISBU Treehouse Chicken Coop

Now, before you get all “gushy”, note that while we were thinking along similar lines, we didn’t create  the original structure in this “fourth and twenty” plan. It was originally constructed out of wood by an architect in Vienna, Austria (Erwin Stättner) as a playhouse for his kids. The “hutch”, located below the decking was built to protect the family’s prized rabbit from local foxes. We’re simply replicating it using a Corten Steel ISBU as the primary structure and then converting the lower space to a chicken coop capable of sustaining several chickens.

Stay tuned for more information on this really cool “Chicken Castle!”

And from all of us, to all of you;

“Have a VERY Merry Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays!”

We’ll see you guys and gals after the New Year.  🙂

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2 Responses to “Okay, sometimes you have to wait for Christmas Presents…”

  1. Tex Arcana December 27, 2013 at 3:29 pm #

    The one drawback I can see is there will be a smell for what’s over the chicken pen… pew.

    Also, alot of folks who have room for chickens want to be able to move the pens around, for fertilization purposes, which means making it sizeable, light, and portable. Using EMT electrical conduit is perfect for this: bend a frame, put an axle with a pair of wheels on one end, and voila! Instant movable pen. And it’s cheap to make.

    • Renaissance Ronin December 27, 2013 at 5:01 pm #

      While there’s an argument to be made for “Chicken Tractors” (that’s what “Tex” is referring to)… this family has to make every square inch of backyard count. We use “chicken tractors” here in Montana, but they aren’t for everyone. While the image in the post is just conceptual, in this case, we’re planning on using a 20 foot ISBU as the “tower”. It’ll give them more “airspace” over that 160 sq ft coop area.

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