Why yes… We DO put crates in our “crates”!

14 Jan

As we struggle through “blizzard clean-up” here in the North…

Many people ask us about how we actually “furnish” our ISBU Homes and cabins.

A lot of what we do here at RR maintains the “recycle, repurpose and refurbish” theme that many families use to actually build their ISBU homes.

While most furniture in a small ISBU cabin or home is actually built in (to maximize both storage potential AND space) you still need tables and bookshelves, right?

Um… we use a lot of wine crates. We use a LOT of wine crates. LOL!

Sand them a little bit, paint or stain them and then “stack and screw” them together to form your storage modules.

But, in some places, wine crates are hard to find. You can STILL do this by heading to your “big box store” and buying unfinished wooden crates like this one;

Home Depot Wooden Crates for furniture making

18 in x 12.5 in. x 9.5 in. Wood Crate 
Model # 94565
Internet # 203153338

Ships fully assembled

$8.99 / each
Was   $11.97
Save $2.98 (25%)
Hurry and Save!
Price Valid : 12/26/2013 – 02/05/2014

The crate arrives ready to stain, paint and decorate. The finish ig good enough that only light sanding is required prior to finishing. With a little thought, these crates will provide more than enough storage for any room, craft room, bathroom and even a (gasp!) cabin. 😉

And, it’s an easy way to build towel storage into a bathroom.

Need storage in your family room or in front of that sofa?

Home Depot Wooden Crate furniture making projects

Did I mention that they’re easily finished to match any decor you want?


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    Very good ideas and great references here! Thanks!

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