Cold has a name – LEON. America, are you ready?

28 Jan

Winter Storm Leon:

Here we go again.

Despite the extreme blizzard conditions that battered the Northern US in the last few week, experts are saying that this new storm, LEON,  is unlike any that we’ve seen in a long time in the US.

The National Weather Service has issued winter storm watches, warnings and advisories from central and southeast Texas eastward along the Gulf Coast, into Georgia, most of South Carolina, central and eastern North Carolina and far southeast Virginia.

In some area of the Deep South, the entire atmosphere will be below freezing and vulnerable to snow.

In areas closer to the Gulf Coast, layers of above-freezing air above the ground, setting the stage for sleet and/or freezing rain is likely

Temperatures will remain in the 20s. Wind chills will be in the single digits.

It’s time to get ready. It’s time to stay HOME.

Here are a few considerations when prepping for extreme cold weather:

You need water – At least a 7 day supply at one gallon per person per day.

You’ll need food, too – At least a 7 day supply of non-perishable, easily prepared food (and a can opener!)

Flashlight and Batteries
Extra Batteries
First Aid Kit

Are you taking medications? – You’ll need at least a 7 day supply along with any necessary medical implements or items (hearing aids with extra batteries, glasses, contacts, syringes, etc.)

Tools. You’ll need tools. Secure a small toolset. Basic handtools.

Basic Sanitation and Hygiene products – Toilet paper, moist towelettes, and disposal methods are imperative.

If you have babies in your household –  Baby Supplies – Bottles, formula, extra water, baby food, diapers, etc. It cannot be stressed enough to keep extra formula and baby food on hand.

Warm clothes and extra protection – Blankets/Gloves/Hats/Scarves

You have to stay warm. You need alternative heat – Kerosene, wood-burning stove, and an ample supply of fuel. This heating method should be capable of running if all utilities are unavailable.

Prepare for hardship. Stay Home, Stay Warm. Help those you can.

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