You can’t really live in a box… can you?

29 Jan

We’re working feverishly right now, trying to keep everything on track, despite the rotten weather and “other perils”.

I keep getting asked about “sleeping spaces” in ISBU homes. In the last month, we’ve been asked about this at least 30 times.  As you know, we advocate using sleeping space for SLEEPING. Concentrate your  creation of square footage with thoughts about how that space is supposed to be used and you’ll be amazed at how much space you can “save”.

Saved space means lower building costs, right?

We regularly build “sleeping rooms” into Containers.  You’d be amazed at how much you can get into the end of an ISBU, if  you think it through.

Here’s an idea of something you could do to maximize space. This could EASILY be accomplished in a shipping container.

ISBU Bunk for single 20 boxOkay, this IS a great “childrens” room. But what about when that child gets older?

ISBU BedroomMy kids would LOVE this. In fact, it’d make a cool “guest room” too.

Think the bed pedestal through and you could even incorporate pull out closet spaces or “deep well” storage bins.

Or, just build the bedframe with a hinge so it can be tilted up against the wall and use that recovered pedestal space beneath for a desk area or sunken sitting /lounge/media area! Remember that using high cube containers gains you more ceiling height! What a great place for kids to do homework or play video games!

See? All you have to do is use your imagination.

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