Surfs up in Ravalli! Wait. What?

3 Feb

All this snow has gotten people thinking about… you guessed it… anything BUT snow.

They send us emails asking us if there’s anything to do but “showshoe for firewood” and kill things for food in the forests. They don’t think we do anything remotely recreational.

Well, we have lakes, rivers and creeks. We have high mountain meadows filled with wildflowers. Okay, you might have to argue with a rogue Bison or Elk to play in ’em, but they don’t bite. They might ram the hell out of you, but… 😉

In the three days of Spring, people start unpacking our Summer garb. Some of them even (gasp!) put on strategically placed pieces of fabric and tube, water-ski and wakeboard.

Why yes, according to those Ski Lodge guys up the hill that keep thinking they’d like to stick around year-round… we can even surf in Montana! 🙂

Sorta. Kinda. Maybe.;)
Making Waves With A Cargo Container Surfing Machine

You are only limited by your imagination when you believe in ISBU technology. The people at AWM Technologies, better known as Surf Stream of California teamed up the the engineering experience of SeaBox. The results are a series of awesome wave machines for surfers and body boarders everywhere.  …literally everywhere.

The SurfStream equipment use ISBU shipping containers to not only house the equipment, but to create the rugged swimming and surfing areas.  Because they are ISBU’s they can be move and located more easily.


Can you imagine? Skiing in the winter. Kayaking in the Spring. Fishing in the Summer and Surfing in the Fall? Paradise, I tell ya! 🙂

RR AvatarTechnology: AWM Technologies
Container: SeaBox