When it gets cold, you gotta get moving!

6 Feb

I’m having a discussion on our other site about wood heat.

Many of our building  families live off-grid and heat their homes using woodstoves or wood gasifiers.  That means that they use a pretty good amount of firewood during the winter to insure that they have warmth, hot water and the occasional hot meal (ala dutch oven sitting on top of that woodstove).

Here in Montana, we start cutting  firewood in the late Summer and early Fall, to get prepared for Winter.  Most of us aren’t lucky enough  to own “Hydraulic Ram-type” splitters. Ever priced one of those beasts?  they cost a couple of thousand dollars for a good one. Yikes!

We do it the old-fashioned way – with chainsaws, axes, gloves and cursing.

Here’s a tip for those looking to “heat like their grandfathers did”. Our elders were smart. They used their wits and the land to insure that their families were protected. I’ve read several old books about wood-splitting, that called for tying  your wood up into loose circles and they chopping it by simply working your way around the log segments. But, I’d never seen it… until now.

got woodOkay, so I’m not digging the “climb up on the pile and keep cutting” thing. That doesn’t look safe to me. And, you can see that he got winded. But, in less than a half hour, he cut half a cord of wood. Do that once a day for about a month (or even better, get your kid to do it) and you could easily prepare your woodpile for the Winter.

Makes pretty good  sense, once you work out how tightly to tie the wood before you begin cutting. I have a bunch of paracord that should be perfect for the job!

I’m going to start doing it this way. I’ll get wood heat, hot water, a warm meal and some physical exertion to maintain my shape.

Shut up! Round IS a shape… LOL!

Let’s be careful out there…

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