But I want a BIG little Corten Cabin…

28 Feb

On the flip side of our ISBU building madness, we’re talking about a terrific little Corten Cabin Concept that could fit right in whether you’re building  a beach house,  a mountain house, a vacation getaway or an off-grid retreat resort.

Now, this ISBU home will sleep 6+ and keep everyone safe and happy for decades!

This started it’s life out as a user submitted “Park Home” RV design! That original idea (from Canoe Bay Resort) was pretty darn sweet, but with a little Corten Creativity, it can jump right up to the next level!

Remember, ideas for that “perfect getaway” or off-grid home can come from EVERYWHERE!

16x40 2 bdrm cabin - webYou can read about it, HERE.

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One Response to “But I want a BIG little Corten Cabin…”

  1. Timmie Rochon March 1, 2014 at 1:46 am #

    Love love love it – it is exactly what I need! Oh please make it happen Grand Master of Corten Coolness!

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