You’re only as good as your tools…

17 May

Many of you guys and gals know that when I’m not helping families build homes (using ISBUs and alternative building practices) I’m teaching families sustainability.

I’m a “tool-user”. My work is reflection of my experience, my knowledge and my tool quality. I’m sure that’s true for most folks.

In the real world – You’re only as good as your tools, regardless as to whether it’s a welder, a hammer or a knife.

Many of my readers know that I’m preparing for Spring (and it’s chores) by getting my tools ready. Because of that, I have my own personal blade artisan now. Here in Montana, life “in the field” means staking your life on your tools.  🙂

It’s senseless to try to do a quality job with an inferior tool, designed with profit in mind, instead of performance. This logic trickles all the way down to the knife on my hip.

Seth Ellis is a “rising star” in the custom knife craft and he’s “old-schooling it”…  building his reputation one incredible blade at a time.

He’s so good at what he does that he builds (by hand) personal blades for his Mentors (at their request), some of the biggest names in the knife kingdom.

Spring brings opportunities for all of us. And in an odd kind of way, it’s brought YOU an opportunity if you’re looking for a great knife.

Seth Ellis goes by the name of “Knifemaker Idaho” on Facebook. He has quite a following. They follow for a reason. He’s a “Metal Messiah”.

And, now he’s sharing an incredible blade with some lucky tool-user.

This was to be HIS personal EDC – Every Day Carry. It was to be HIS blade.  Like the rest of his incredible blades, you know he poured his heart and soul into it’s creation. I’m betting that’s there’s a tiny bit more “SETH” in this one. After all, a knife artist is known by the blade on his own hip.

Seth Ellis "Skinner"

Seth Ellis “Skinner”

LOOK at the blade. Note the killer Hamon (that pattern in the blade – it’s the REAL deal).

Purple Heart and Copper. IT doesn't get much better than this. :)

Purple Heart and Copper. IT doesn’t get much better than this. 🙂

Look at the Purple Heart handle.

Pretty Spine!

Pretty Spine!

This knife is just incredible. This is easily a $500-$600 knife, folks.

"My Preciousssssssss"

“My Preciousssssssss”

I’ll just let HIM describe it;

Seth says:

“Here’s one I got up for sale. Skinner/E.D.C. 1095 high carbon with a hamon and some cool etching effects. Copper bolsters. The handle is purple heart with grey spacers.

$400 and no barters/trades this time. I need some cash to fuel projects.”

Blade Spec’s:

Blade Material: 1095 Steel

Handle Material: Purple Heart with Grey Vulcanized spacers.

Blade Length: 4.75″

Blade Width: 2.0″

Blade Thickness: .0125″ (1/8th inch)

Handle Length: 4″

Handle Width: 1.0125″ x .75″

Bolster Composition: Copper

Price: $400 (negotiable – a little 😉 )

Contact Seth directly on Facebook at:

or at:

Somebody is going to get one hell of a knife. I wish my budget would stretch this far… Wow. Just Wow.

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