I want a Corten Cutter!

21 May

We all know that ISBUs (Shipping Container) spend most of their lives on the High Seas.

When I lived in Costa Rica, we used to convert them into floating guest cabins so that visiting families could spend some quality time with their loved ones.

Over 20 years later… some of those little “houseboats” are still operating, to this day.

Apparently, Steve White took a page out of our playbook and built his own little Corten Cutter…

Corten Cutter
“It’s much more house than boat,” White said.

Corten Cutter KitchenWhite decided to build a houseboat after selling a second home. He was looking for a way to be on the waterfront, but land was too expensive.  Early last year, he read an article about container homes. The idea of reusing shipping containers for a houseboat appealed to him because it was a frugal and green option.

Corten Cutter Pilot House

Read more about it, HERE.