Create Corten Art!

20 Jun

As we toil on ISBU projects (projects that encompass the finest in residential, industrial and commercial ISBU construction) that span countries and even continents, we thought we’d show you what other people are doing with ISBUs across the rock;

What better way to display art, than to display it WITHIN art?

Art gallery “cc4441” is located on the corner of a small alley in Torigoe, Tokyo.

When you approach it, you discover that the gallery consists of two shipping containers that appear to have been dropped haphazardly on top of each another.


But, you’d be wrong. On closer inspection, a large rear door opens to reveal a modern office and gallery space that stretches up across two levels.

cc4441 was built using two reclaimed (is there a better way?) 40 ft High Cube shipping containers.  This ISBU based gallery (measuring 394 square feet) was designed by the brilliant guys and gals at Japanese architectural firm, Tomokazu Hayakawa.

To address the site and maximize the use of space, the bottom ISBU container was cut into two parts that were then placed  perpendicular to one another, forming two small rooms that face in towards one another. They are connected via a central exterior courtyard.


The second container was then placed above the two smaller rooms and is accessible via the exterior staircase.

We’ve often reflected that the use of ISBU containers lends itself to intimate little spaces perfect for the pursuit of endeavors like art.


But don’t feel left out if you’re a working professional. Imagine a small architectural or design firm, an insurance agency, accounting firm or similar operation working out of this same building.


Or imagine this as a modern little ISBU home dropped into a scenic setting…

We’ve done similar projects  that sat ON TOP of existing buildings. Holy corrugation! Talk about the Corten Tiny House in the Sky! 🙂

You can read more about this wonderful little gallery, here: