Little Boxes – BIG Changes!

25 Jun

Quite a  while back, we had some discussions with some people in England about building small, transportable residential modules to address local affordable housing issues.

Recently, I spent a week with the (gasp!) Canadians… having the exact same discussions.

We refer to these teams as “HSPs” (Housing Solution Providers).  They’re often part of “outreach programs” or simply collections of local businessmen and women who see the value in rebuilding failing neighborhoods.

The premise is that (much like here in the US) many people simply cannot afford to come up with the funds required to secure safe, sustainable housing. Students, singles, seniors… Economic bubbles, unemployment and day to day hardships actually push many people into homelessness. It’s a vicious circle that bites hard and then rarely lets go.

In the US, we’re actively involved in several projects (across 7 states) targeted to provide innovative, affordable housing to those in need.  The goal is to help these people live independent, self-reliant, self-accountable lives, without further hardship. Further, the idea is to use these projects to rebuild communities that have fallen into dormancy or disrepair.

Remember that ISBU housing is a tailor-made solution for this. Easily transportable and modular, you can delivery these units to empty sites (even large abandoned strip mall parking lots, for example) and create small “Corten Villages” that are capable of housing “many”.

Couple these residential unit clusters  with “community spaces” or even “medical outreach operations” and you have the ability to insure the future of many people almost seamlessly.  And, as the stabilization of that neighborhood bears fruit, you can then dismantle these units and move them to the next place where they are required.

They’re doing it in the UK, with great success.

Here’s a peak of what some of these “housing solution providers” have accomplished, just to wet your appetite.

20ft ISBU Homes



Now, with all the US Military VETS coming home to homelessness, unemployment and despair, I have to ask;


Our brothers and sisters are returning from war, to face “another war” at home.  It’s a war that contributes to Vet hardship and even suicide –  as these fine men and women, the very backbone of America…  find they have no place to go.

If we were to build “transitional settlements” that allowed Vets to reintegrate safely (using empty sites that are already available locally), we could save a lot of men and women, who in the face of these hardships, simply run out of strength to fight…

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