I say “Steel for Storms”…

9 Jul

As Typhoon Neoguri smashes into Okinawa and Japan, we’re reminded yet again that strong, durable, weather resistant housing is a requirement if families are to remain safe.

As we participate in ISBU (Shipping container) residential, industrial and commercial builds all over the planet, I am STILL amazed that the solution to some of the problems caused by heavy weather is overlooked.

In places like North Dakota, Montana, the Bering Sea and even (gasp!) Canada… 🙂

Workers are being housed in multi-unit developments built from ISBUs. These are just “modular buildings”. You build your housing units and then you stack them together. Add a little bit of welding and voila… many workers or families can all be tucked safely under one big steel roof, wrapped in a sturdy steel cocoon.

It’s done in place like CHINA all the time. In fact, every time that we’re there, we see another series of housing units going up;

This is a Solid Corten Steel "Man Camp" (Oil/Gas Housing) or a Student Dormitory waiting  to happen.

This is a Solid Corten Steel “Man Camp” (Oil/Gas Housing) or a Student Dormitory waiting to happen.

Over  the next few days… we’re going to look at HOW these buildings are constructed. I think that you’re going to be amazed at just how “easy” this is.

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