Loft me, Bro!

10 Jul

We’re buried.

Yep, I’m talking “up to our necks in it…” buried.

And while we’re trying to dig ourselves out, we’re getting requests for information and ideas from new building families.

We received four emails yesterday asking about novel ways to build lofts into ISBU cabins. Readers asked about ISBU Corten Coolness that could be “cabinized”…

And lo and behold, today DWELL Magazine (one of our very favorite magazines I might add…  especially because they love us  and our book “Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings”) ran an article on “One Room Wonders” where lofts and the staircase access are very attractively displayed.

Here’s just a few of our favorites;

Cabin Loft Access

Why NOT use that ladder structure to create more workspace in your kitchen? Genius!


A freestanding Organizer Closet can not only house your clothing, it can house an access ladder to the loft bedroom platform that it ALSO supports. MORE Genius! SPLIT that closet into a double sided unit and you also get a TON of pantry storage into your kitchen. DOUBLE Genius! 🙂

Modern Loft

We build “Storage Staircases” all the time. It just makes sense to use that space to your advantage. Done properly, it’s efficient AND attractive.