Need a Corten Country House?

23 Aug

Many of our building families long for “life lived rurally”.

More and more families building ISBU homes are building “off the beaten path”, off-grid “Corten Castles”.

ISBUs lend themselves to “Farmhouse” configurations. Take (4) 40′ High Cube ISBUs and pair them off with an offset 8′-16′ apart and then top them with a big modified gable and you have a fabulous two story farmhouse that can’t be beat!

Here’s one that we’re working with a Arkansas family of 6 on that is proving to be quite spectacular. It’s approximately 1,900 square feet of Corten Coolness! 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, heated by wood and powered by photovoltaic panels. It’s going to be built in the Ozark Mountains.

Here’s some of the features;

  • Downstairs Master with ensuite bath
  • Island Kitchen with full pantry and laundry room
  • Great Room Living/Dining/Half Bath
  • (2) Upstairs bedrooms with “Hollywood bath”
  • Spiral Staircase
  • Wood Stove heat
  • Photovoltaic Power/Battery Bank

If you sat this home on top of a CMU (Concrete Masonry Units also called “concrete blocks” or “cinderblocks”) basement, you’d  have a really nice two story Corten Country  House for a family of 6-8 with a big root cellar and extended pantry.

ISBU Farmhouse 440 Concept - webWE call it “The Farmhouse 440 Project”.

The prototype is being built (by the family – using their own sweat equity and volunteers) in the Ozarks with a budget of $175k. Admittedly it’s “higher end” than most of our ISBU Homes (upgraded materials are used throughout) and the budget does NOT include the property, photovoltaic systems or the well. (Additionally, the family already owned the containers.) The prototype has a lot of upgrades and the family isn’t your “typical” Prepper family. I WILL point out that a home of this quality for just under $100 a square foot is a bargain in most markets, whether you’re a “Prepper” or not. It could be built less expensively by a repurposing, recycling family with careful material selections.

WE think that you’ll call it “HOME SWEET HOME”.

Would you live here? I would. In fact… I just might. :)