ISBU (Shipping Container) Barn Raising, Anyone?

25 Sep

You cannot believe how busy we are right now as families race to complete ISBU Homes before winter tries to wreak havoc with home completion.

As our families build out their Corten Compounds”, one of the things we’re getting asked about more and more is “ISBU Outbuildings”.

We talk on a regular basis about using ISBUs to create Poultry Houses, Rabbit Houses and even processing shops for everything from poultry production to wild game processing and meat smoking.  The nice thing about using ISBUs (Shipping Containers) for out-buildings is that you’re creating easily placed, easily secured buildings  that can actually be moved if required as your site plan evolves.

But what about building BARNS out of ISBUs?

We’ve seen those Youtube clips of the Amish doing high-speed “barn-raisings” that would give most contractors an aneurysm. I mean, they build these massive monuments to livestock in a weekend. It’s  just incredible.

But, what if you used ISBUs (Shipping Containers) to do something similar. If you took a pair of  40′ High Cube ISBUs and then placed them apart from each other to form “walls”, you could top them with trusses and create an enclosed barn in no time flat. ISBU Barn2

These barns get built in less than a WEEK. I’m not kidding. A WEEK.  And remember, the shops inside the ISBUs are already weathered in from Day One.

Consider this:

ISBU BarnWe’ve even used concrete highway dividers to set the boxes as  foundation. That means that you get a 12’+ roof in the garage and you get room above for an office, a shop, or even a guest apartment by using attic trusses.

When you need more space, you simply sister more boxes up to the sides.

We even have a small rural “Sustainable Community” that built one of these ISBU barns to build their “Tiny Houses” for their residents within. When they’ve finished their home construction, they’ll convert the “build barn” into a community space.

If you need help figuring this out, just ask…

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