It’s a big Sea… so get out of my way!

3 Oct

How in the vastness of the sea, do two titans collide?

The sea may be vast… but that channel certainly isn’t. The Suez Canal is a treacherous place. Or so it would seem.

Watch the video carefully. It looks like the ship to starboard tried to go around and then probably came to the grim realization that she was about to run aground. Then she took to hard port without reducing throttle.

The rest is obvious. BOOM! She hit the opposing ship.

Boys and girls… when these ships are loaded, the wind pushes them around like giant sails.  You can’t just slam on the brakes. These aren’t pleasure yachts. The ships are so large that they take miles to stop, not to mention the fact that the prop turbulence created by these emergency maneuvers actually exerts so much force that they destroy the ship’s rudders.

Observers nailed  it when they said that the collision was inevitable from the moment they started filming.