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Doesn’t it feel like this election cycle will never end?

5 Nov

As a freight train of a North Easter heads down the East Coast toward an already ravaged land…

I’m one of those guys who thinks that there won’t be a clear winner in the Presidential Election declared until the end of November.

Earliest. I’m serious.

No matter which way it goes early on, I’m betting on recounts and lawyers and drama…

From the mouths of babes;

Us too, Abby… Us too…

Who’s Cleaning up America?

20 Sep

My family is currently building ourselves back into a home, using rather unconventional means to fulfill our requirements for shelter.

You see, we’re using ISBU’s (shipping containers) and recycled steel aircraft hangars to build the box we’ll live in, and find shelter from the storms…

(This isn’t our house, but ain’t it cool?)

Where was I? Oh yeah…

Our “Shipping Container Casa” build is an idea that found it’s roots in desperation, and need. We lost our home in Hurricane Katrina, and the insurance company we trusted to protect us, didn’t even come close to fulfilling the task we paid them for. In fact, they claim that they don’t have the assets to pay us (and almost 3,000 other families here) and have dragged us around in courtrooms for years. And, it’s not over yet, by a long shot. I’ve talked about this before, so I’m not going to repeat myself. Suffice to say, if someone had paid me to perform a service, and then I refused to fulfill my part, after cashing thousands of dollars in payment checks, you can bet your butt I’d go to jail. It’s called “fraud.” It’s a pity that insurance companies have so many friends in Congress…

While we’re working through creating our own “state of the union” by planning, designing, and building, we’re starting to wonder what’s in store for everyone in America, as we move towards a new administration.

I really try not to get “political.” Honest, I do. But I have an investment here, too. I have a family to take care of, and it’s hard enough keeping your head up above water, without all the ridiculous behavior I’ve seen lately. The news is actually starting to terrify me.

You see, our new house is actually located in another “house” we all call America. And, if THAT house fails, we’re all screwed no matter how well we’ve built our personal families homes. All the building in the world won’t fix it if the country goes to hell in a handbasket.

So, as the elections draw closer, and the fur starts to fly (so to speak) I wonder what changes are in store for us as Americans, in the next decade?

I watched George Jr giving a speech today, about the bailouts of the big lending institutions. He’s telling us “to be calm,” and remember that we all have a responsibility to insure that the credit of the free world survives intact. (I’m paraphrasing, here.) He thinks that burdening the taxpayers with billions of dollars of additional debt, is good for us, our children, and the nation. Of course, he gets a “free pass.” His Administration is almost over, he’s rich, and he’ll find protection from the taxes he levies on us all. Oy Vay!

This is a guy who can’t even ride a Segway… Hmmm… That should mean something, to anybody paying attention.

(Sorry about the blurred photo! Those “Secret Service” guys can run faster than I thought! You’d have thought all those donuts would have slowed them down!) LOL!

The taxpayers are being burdened with bailout after bailout, as the Government transfers the responsibility for literally tons of bad loans to be subsidized, to save the greedy few who actually “took the risks.” Freddy, Fanny, and AIG are going to cost the taxpayers of this nation billions of dollars, and we, the people, will have nothing to show for it… except decades of debt that we have to repay.

You see, we’re seeing the result of unregulated “free enterprise.”  That result is privatized profits, and socialized risks and costs.  And we all know that when you allow people to do anything they want, the result is always the same… greedy, careless, extremely risky… bad behavior.

Now, while this was happening, the powers that be sold us the “government hands-off” strategy, purportedly to keep government out of private business and our private lives. However, the real end result is just the exact opposite.

And now, the “government” will own Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, and every other bank that they decide to bail out. Of course, the government involvement isn’t the “real” OMG (Oh my gawd!) problem. Once again, “we the people” have to foot the bills for buying these ridiculously overrated companies using our “credit,” with no date (or even a plan) to ever pay them off.

It is just an endless stream of interest payments, that will continue long after all of us, and even our children, are dead. And the money has to come from somewhere, so taxes will have to go up, so that each and every one of us can “pay our share.”

There has been a terrible lack of regulations in the operation of these companies. These hallowed lending institutions are built on the principle that you cook your books, to build your assets. And since most of these assets are actually bad debt, when the pyramid stars to collapse, it’s all downhill…

(And remember that a house in foreclosure, is still listed as an asset. But I bet they don’t change the change in property value to reflect that…)

Economic gurus are now claiming that these companies are actually worth about 10% of what they boast, on “real” paper.

So, maybe the sky really is falling. But, it’s not necessarily the “Global Warming” catastrophe that we need to be immediately concerned with, after all. Our system is actually failing us.

I’ve always been of the opinion that it isn’t immoral at all, to ask for our share of the profits, as Oil Tyrants rake in billions of our dollars in profits, government hand-outs, and subsidies. After all, if we the people are subsidizing these conglomerates, why do we only get called in when it’s time to assess risks when things go south? Aren’t we entitled to a return on our investment when they’re raking in all those profits, and taking business trips to the Whitsundays, on all those fancy yachts? ?

And lets not forget that these same goons are receiving free security (because WE pay for it) by the US military, and they are immune to restitution caused by all the environmental and financial damages they cause.

Let’s face it. The crowd has been worked into a frenzy by self-aggrandizing goons peddling “the sky is falling” speeches. The problem is that while THEY get rich at our expense, we all continue to suffer. Energy costs are going through the roof. Gas prices are soaring, even though the powers that be claim it’s going to get back under control, soon. It looks like we’d better get used to paying $4 a gallon, because it looks like that’s gonna be the new “benchmark,” in spite of what the candidates are telling us.

Oil prices are hitting all time highs, and soon $100 a barrel will be the “norm.”

The air is filled with cries of “Drill, baby, Drill!” while the environmentalists in America scream in agony as the prospect of oil companies piercing the planet causes them to have “conniption fits.”

Al Gore is dancing like a trained bear, hawking his tired old speech about “Global Warming” at $3000 a minute to anyone with enough cash to pander to it. Of course, his own mansion is NOT a good example of his “preaching…” It’s just “Do as I say, and not as I do…” I guess. Bastard!

T. Boone Pickens is plying the airwaves with his wind and natural gas schemes, in a guise that reminds me, strangely enough, of Ross Perot.

(Pickens’s name makes me immediately think of a geriatric rapper, complete with about 35 gold chains and baubles hanging around his neck…)

But, how are the candidates going to clean America?

Over the next couple of days, I’m gonna take a look at what the candidates are claiming they’ll do, “When they get elected.”

I’m not gonna get all “Republican and Democrat.” I’m not gonna pander to Palin’s “boob shirts,” “Mini-skirt MILF” photos, or even her “bikini photos,” and throw rocks.

This undated photo provided by the Heath family shows Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in her dorm room at the University of Idaho.
This undated photo provided by the Heath family shows Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in her dorm room at the University of Idaho.

Okay, yes I am… Let’s face it, in a time where things aren’t that funny, these are entertaining, to say the least… Even the “fakes” are funny…

(But ya gotta love her! You know you’ve made it when they start photoshopping your face onto somebody else’s photos! Boy, is she taking shots for those… Even the feminist lesbians are pissed at her!) LOL!

I’m just gonna look at what Obama and McCain are saying/promising, and then measure the messages against “reality.”

Who do you choose? Who can you trust? Are they both lying? What to do?

It should prove interesting. After all, if the land our house is built on is suddenly in crisis, how good can our life be, while we live in it? What do we leave for our children? And what lessons does this behavior TEACH our kids?

Hell, I was worried that Hillary wasn’t gonna be able to find a new job, until I saw this;

At least the Clinton’s won’t starve, now that they’ve pissed off everybody in the Free World… LOL!

And remember the lesson learned here today;

“It’s okay to fail spectacularly! Make as much as you can, until the bottom falls out! Uncle will bail you out!”

It’s not the lesson I want my kids to learn. They have enough trouble, knowing that Ronin is their daddy… LOL!

Stay tuned!

My Son is Going To INHERIT “WHAT?”

2 Jul

Okay, I’ve been thinking lately…

And that can’t be good. But sometimes, you have to just sit down, and listen to the voices…

I have a new son. He’s not even walking yet, but someday he’ll be able to run. And when that time comes, I want him to have the freedom to run toward his goals and his dreams, and not be forced to run away from the chaos his parents, and his grandparents created for him to inherit.

You see, I believe that I owe my son a better chance than I had. And I think that most parents think similarly.

These are difficult times. Headlines, and CNN scream at us daily about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Israel is getting ready to deal with Iran, and I assure you that we’ll get drawn into that conflict in a major way.

With the election right around the corner, Americans have to start weighing the options, and determine who will lead us through what looks to be very troubling times.

In previous posts, I’ve already talked about my feelings where Hillary and Barack are heading…

So, now that things are coming to a head, I’m going to take a hard look at both sides of this “gamblers coin,” and try to start a dialog about what we do next, after the “new guy” moves into the White House.

Since (according to virtually everyone around me) I’m a Rethuglican, we’ll take some shots at John McCain, first…

Everyone knows that our “Republican in Residence” President Bush can barely speak in public, without putting his foot in his mouth. He’s not doing anybody any favors. In fact, his attempts at “help,“ are like putting a loaded handgun in your mouth, and counting to five. John McCain has distanced himself from the president, primarily (I think) to shield himself from Bush’s “open mouth, insert foot” mentality and press relationship. It’s hard enough out there, without having to make excuses for the President of the United States.

And John, oh John… Well, let’s just say that he’s inheriting a mess, if he gets the privilege of taking up residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

I’m worried about ole’ John. You see, he hasn’t figured out yet that it’s not smart to piss off your friends, when your enemies are lining up against you, in droves.

Now, some of those “enemies” are easily identified, because they’re (gasp!) Democrats.

And the “friends” I’m speaking of here are the conservatives that John has failed to impress with his abilities.

McCain hasn’t done much to dispel the dark cloud he’s created over his head. It’s a cloud of distrust, and frustration, to say the least, that is easy for everyone to see. The conservatives among us (God Bless ‘Em!) are starting to get restless. You see, John hasn’t exactly traveled the same path they walk, and in areas like “tax reform,” “abortion,” “immigration,” and even the rights granted us by the First and Second Amendments, he’s failed miserably. John McCain is definitely not Ronald Reagan.

And, I think it’s going to take somebody like Ronnie (may he rest in peace) to get us firmly back on track.

If you turn on your radio during the day, or sit in front of your cable tv at night, you can see what’s happening. Talk shows run by guys like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh (just to name a few) have whipped conservatives into an anti-McCain frenzy. And McCain still doesn’t understand that he better start talking, or pretty soon, it’s going to be too late, and the tide will have turned irrevocably against him.

Time is running out. A smart guy would have circled the wagons, and prepared for the battle. And you’d think, that John, being a “military guy,” would think that through. But so far, I suspect he’s gotten complacent  and believes his own press. He thinks that as easily as he seemingly shored up the Republican Nomination, he’s gonna take America by storm.

Well, I think he’s got a lesson or two coming, as well as a firm crack on the head, right between the eyes, with the “ugly stick.” Because, it’s about to get ugly.

One thing I’m sure of is that McCain can’t take on Obama all by his onesies. He’s gonna need all the conservatives he can carry on his back. And, I think he’s gonna need a “Noah’s Ark full of Evangelicals,” too. The hard part is that McCain obviously isn’t very fond of the conservatives he’s going to be forced to court, to finish this dance.

And, Obama knows this. You can be sure of that. If I was Barack Obama, I’d probably have dreams of John McCain, caught in the middle of the road, like a deer in the headlights. Because he’s a smart guy, smart enough to realize that John has gotten himself into a war on two flanks, and that can’t be good. John’s gonna have his hands full trying to convince conservatives that he’s their guy, and take on Barack Obama at the same time.

Both of those battles are going to be incredibly difficult to fight, both in terms of energy, and good old cash. Having to fight them at the same time, well… the rules of warfare clearly point out the benefits of “divide and conquer.” And Barack got the conditions handed to him, on a silver platter.

If I was John, I’d be puckering up, and getting ready to kiss serious conservative butt. Because if he doesn’t, well, remember what happened to that poor deer caught in the headlights?

And if that wasn’t enough, this is just the beginnings of John McCain’s problems.

John McCain’s voting record is disgraceful. Conservatives are disappointed with America’s domestic performance. Sure, Bush cut a few token taxes, but he also spent us into what looks like recession, if you believe guys like Warren Buffett. And John, by simply being a Republican, is going to inherit all that animosity, unless he convinces them that he can fix the problems.

And that’s a major piece of work that John McCain has cut out for him.  He better get his boat in the water and start navigating quick, or he’s gonna sink faster than an old  “Swiftboat.”