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“BlueBlood Boxes”? Oy.

5 Jul

Okay, Corten goes “High class”…

It’s not in Cali. It ain’t in Miami. It’s in the Hamptons.

You know, that place where valet parking your SUV costs you as much as the window sticker for the truck…

I’m just gonna show it to you.

Note: It sure as hell ain’t one of MINE. Anyone who reads my books knows that if you can afford a Tesla Roadster or a membership at an exclusive country club, I’m probably NOT the guy you want to talk to.

We design and build ISBU homes fur us “little guys”…

… you know the ones that I’m talking about…

… the  families that worked to BUILD our country using sweat equity and baling wire… LOL!

For the record: I have absolutely no problem with fatcats and rich guys building “Steel houses”… mind you. I just cringe when I hear about what they cost them to build and what they expect to reap from them, when they sell them to other fatcats…

That said…

Sure, it’s a multi-million dollar Seaside Steel Manse…

But don’t look at the price tag they’ve attached to it.

Look at what they accomplished.

Even for those rich folk up on the hill, the same ISBU rules apply.

Reusing ISBUs is indeed a “recycling” step forward.

The boxes themselves don’t present any real challenges as far as design goes, once you’ve paid your dues.

These are just steel boxes.

From a creative standpoint, you have a blank slate to work with. They can be anything  that you want… if you’re creative enough to “connect the dots”.

Despite what the “Design-Build” and Architectural shops will tell you (in the majority) there are cost savings to be had, if you’re smart enough to both identify and then employ them.

IMHO – This is a terrific home (on the inside).

He’s used MANY of the same elements and design motifs that we use on OUR ISBU homes. The exterior just doesn’t do it for me. But then, I didn’t build it and it’s not for one of MY families.

It was designed for a client who built what HE wanted.

I say KUDOS to him and I hope that it “finished” fulfilling ALL of his dreams and aspirations.

If SG Blocks was involved, I’m sure that somebody built the hell out of it. SG Blocks is a class act.

And, while I personally cringe at the pricetag on this ISBU home (I could build several homes for the price of this one, and IMHO most of them would rival it), ALL homes are indeed sold for whatever the market will bear, and NOT what they cost to actually construct.

Learn more about this ISBU Home – HERE.

Image credits go to the fine folks over at: Jetson Green

A trip to their website is like a trip to the Candy Store! Enjoy!