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Officer, I swear, it’s not a body…

1 Oct

Has anybody else seen this?

Recently, I had a conversation with a guy I ‘m helping build a “tiny house” out of (1) 20′ High Cube ISBU.

And his dilemma was that he wanted to work from home, as a tech support guy, via the internet.

Let’s face it, when you’re living in a space measuring 8′ x 20’ with about 8’6″ of usable maximum ceiling, you have to be pretty careful about WHAT you use.

Okay, we did punch a hole in the ceiling and he has a bedroom “observation loft” (that is accessible by “wall ladder”) complete with a door that leads out to a small rooftop deck.

But even with the bed relocated, it’s still a pretty tight operation.

I’ve been featuring materials and products lately that lend themselves to inclusion in “small space” environments. So, I thought;

“What the heck! Reaady, set… GOOGLE!”

And lo and behold, I found this…

I give you:

Office in a metal trunk. In a m-e-t-a-l t-r-u-n-k. I’m not kidding.

It’s a complete office-desk-workstation. Seriously.

It reminds me of a bizarre “Transformer” that suddenly springs to life when the phone rings… 🙂

The “trunk” itself is fabricated out of sheet metal, and it’s basically a large steamer trunk kind of thing. Now, many of you aren’t old enough to remember “Steamer Trunks” but as a kid, we had a few around the house and later in life I actually used one or two to haul some of my gear around, when I got shipped “hither and yon to test my immortality”.

But this “metal monstrosity” opens up, and turns into a computer workstation. It’s a horror! Man, I WANT one! 🙂

Roll it out of storage and write your blog post, catch up on email, or play that on-line “hack and slash” until your fingers  cramp up…

Then…  close up your workspace by shutting the two halves together like a suit-case standing on end. Then you simply grab it by the handles and wheel it back to storage, using the casters built into the bottom.

Look! It even comes with a chair! (No TED… the girl is not included…)  😉 Okay, I admit that it’s a rather odd chair, but it is a chair and it does get housed in the trunk when you’re not using it. It even has some storage built into it’s base. Man, they thought of everything!

After looking at it long and hard, I can see how this could be used in a small home as a portable office. All you’d need to do is designate a space for it to be stored, when you weren’t using it… like inside a deep closet.

And the way it’s designed, you could wheel it right out onto a front porch, or even out into the backyard. Just watch out for the lawn sprinklers… 🙂

And the guys working with it have other ideas, like making them “rentals” for people traveling. You’d literally rent a small office, and the rental operator would just wheel it out and pop it open for you. When you were thru, you’d just close it up, and wheel it back the the front desk.

It would also be great for companies that hire telecommuters. It would allow them to give those workers temporary office space when they had to get out of their jammies and actually go into the office… They’d just wheel them out into the lobby and pop them open.

You can find out more about it on materialicious and at http://www.ergonomicofficefurnitures.com

Stay tuned.

Photo Credits go to Workalicious