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Got Industrial Park? Check. Got ISBUs? Check. Hey! Make-over time! :)

10 Feb

We get a lot of email from people who try to pigeonhole ISBU housing as something that only “really rich or really poor people” find appeal in.


ISBUs are just metal modules, people.  They are Corten Steel boxes. In their raw form, they’re about as “vanilla” as you can get. I can’t think of a better high-speed format to build homes and buildings out of. If you can imagine it, you can do it. It’s the “big boys” version of building with Legos.

One area where ISBUs really shine is in the “high–speed remodel department” for manufacturers and industrial applications.

Due to the economy and market conditions, many businesses are moving away from building or purchasing “landmark” or “signature” buildings and taking advantage of all the commercial space that is available for lease (at bargain prices, no less), nation-wide. The economy and other “conditions”  are creating a train-wreck for small businesses and it’s a condition that is nationwide…

… it’s devastated businesses all across America.

gymkhana_02This is the state of “Mom and Pop” business in America. It’s carnage…

We’ve talked about this concept before, as businesses adapt their products and practices to industrial parks and warehouses all across America.

We admit that this isn’t without some “additional tasking”, as they seek to then define those new spaces in a manner that is economic and non-permanent.

We feel that ISBUs are perfect for this  purpose. They fit through truck doors. The slabs that these buildings usually sit on are reinforced and more than capable of carrying the weight of a High Cube  Container.  The boxes are easily configured. The boxes are easily positioned, allowing literally any configuration that you can imagine, from offices, to records storage, warehousing of small parts, employee lounges, you name it.

As we begin our own expansion into larger spaces, you can bet that we’re going to do exactly this. We’ll get affordable build space without a mortgage (and it’s commensurate down payment).  And we’ll gain the ability to “grow” space as we need it. As the business expands, we can remodel, simply by redeploying the existing ISBU modules and adding new ones in new configurations.

This new “style” of building repurposing is becoming very popular, especially in the “hip cool factor” business audience…

gymkhana_05If you’re stunt driver Ken Block and you’re located in a large warehouse style building in Park City Utah…

Ken lives “large”. Ken wasn’t going to settle for “vanilla” digs. He and his team used 17 ISBUs to create a 12,000 square foot facility that is divided into two distinct zones. One is an office/administration complex capable of housing 25 employees and the other is a manufacturing center for the company’s “bread and butter”… his team’s race vehicles.

 Note that because of high ceilings, he was able to stack the boxes to gain even more space. Note also that because the ISBUs are located inside an insulated envelope, there isn’t any demand for expensive insulation practices to be employed. These are “Rock Star” digs, folks. Can you imagine how his investors and business partners react when they see this? Kaching!

And what happens  when Ken gets “Super Mega-Famous” and his team requires bigger digs?

They just pick up the boxes and move on to a bigger building. It reminds me of a documentary I recently saw on Nat Geo… about Hermit Crabs.

It’s hard to think about Spring surrounded by feet of this white stuff, but Spring is about “rebirth”. It’s about nurturing  and letting new shoots pop up! Something similar is happening this Spring (2014) as we begin to “grow” into our new facility. Stay tuned because you’re not going to want to miss it.

  • Are you interested in growing your business by planting some boxes?
  • Do you operate your business out of a warehouse, an industrial park complex or even an Aircraft Hangar?
  • Have you run out of space for your administration, employees or parts inventories?
  • Can you imagine a sales operation working from this motivational configuration?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, contact us. You’ll be surprised at just how easy and how affordable this “remodel” is to accomplish.

Until next time,

RR Avatar Image Credits: Designboom.com

Youtube Credits; DC SHOES