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Would you, could you, with some spark?

18 Jul

Make a “box”  your family’s  ARK?

Okay, I’m not Dr Seuss.

That’s okay, because ham isn’t kosher anyway, especially if it’s green.

Speaking of green, it’s green here in Montana as far as the eye can see. Haying starts an hour before sunrise and ends about 10pm. The rainstorms haven’t helped much as you don’t want it to rain when you’re cutting your hay. You want to cut it, rake it into rows  and then get it as dry as you can before you bale it. Ugh. Rain and I aren’t speaking right now.

Horse Hay - Good Eating!

The rain comes down in buckets and then… it heats up to 95 degrees. I’m starting to feel like I’m back in Mississippi some days.

But I digress…

Many people exploring Corten Castles for the first time are under the misconception that when using Shipping Containers (commonly called ISBUs – Intermodal Steel Building Units) you end up with a house full of long skinny rooms. It never occurs to them that you can place containers side by side and then cut out the inner walls to form wider rooms.

Even explained, some people have a tough time wrapping their heads around this.

Essentially, you end up with a “double width” space that looks like this;

cubular-26-of-66This is a “Cubular” home, built by a company out of New Zealand. Regulars of the blog know that when we see something cool, we share it with you regardless as to whether or not OUR names are on it. We’re good at what we do, but then… so are some other guys. We’re glad Cubular is located in New Zealand,  or we’d have some competition.  They build  some REALLY nice stuff. 🙂

cubular-32-of-66While we generally offset our boxes to create even larger spaces, this gives you an idea what can be accomplished with “direct mating”.

cubular-33-of-66You’re not living in a small, closed in space.  The created spaces are bright, airy and elegant.

cubular-35-of-66Even without adding an exterior veneer to this ISBU Home, it’s quite stylish and easy to look at. It’s not at all like the “apocalyptic graffiti covered boxes” you see in the movies, is it?

This is just the “starting point”. I know it’s hard to imagine, but with some creativity, ISBU homes  get even better than this. (And for the  record…  we think this one is pretty darned good.)

You can’t buy a “Cubular Home” for export to the US, but you could build your own. We’re helping many families do just that.