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John Wayne could fix it…

5 Jul

As the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill brings heartache and disaster to all…

…we sit here shaking our heads wondering why somebody didn’t do something RESPONSIBLY to stop it from happening in the first place.

And I find myself asking questions I don’t want to give voice to, like:

Why is a multi-national company STILL making US policy after they’ve created the biggest oil spill in history?

America wasn’t benefiting from that oil and BP isn’t beholding to us, at the end of the day. They can just go home. WE have to deal with the mess they’ve made, and all the terrible hardship that they have created.

I wish old John Wayne was here, he’d know what to do.

He’d just take a deep breath, free-dive down to that stinking hole, and cram a few of these into the pipe to plug up that leak…

And then he’d start kicking some BP Oil Company Butt…

I miss old John… May he R.I.P.

Stay tuned.

PS. Did ya know that my NEW BOOK is out? Hmmm? 🙂

“Top Kill” isn’t a Video Game…

27 May

Most people who read this blog know that I live near the beach in Biloxi MS, right in the path of the oil spill.

So, my email is just jammed with questions about what is happening here. And one question is getting asked over and over again:

Everyone is asking me what a “Top Kill” is.

They’re referring to the new “solution” that British Petroleum (BP) has put into play, to find a way to make it look like they are actually trying to do something besides make matters worse.

This animation will give you an idea of what they’re planning;

And yet, for all the grandstanding, they’re trying to “hide their hand”. There’s a lot that isn’t being seen, and even more that’s trying to be covered up.

BP started the “Top Kill” yesterday. BP, once again, trying to cover their proverbial asses, kept saying over and over again…

“Don’t worry. It’s working. It’s going to be fine.”

But, when all of us watched the oil spill “leak cam” that you can link to from all over the Internet, it was apparent that the Top Kill solution was just making matters worse.

You can actually see mud and oil escaping thru the mouth of the riser as they pump the Top Kill “junk” in.

Here’s what is happening:

The fluid coming out of the top of the riser is indeed a mix of mud and oil.  Scientists and experts all over the planet right now are worried that the amount of mud and oil escaping through the leak is just making the leak worse.

So, BP engineers will try to adjust the mixture in an attempt to stop the flow of oil thru the leak.  If that doesn’t work, engineers may try;

[quote] “putting solids in the mixture as a variation of the “junk shot” maneuver”. [unquote]

In other words, they’ll resort to trying to plug the hole with concrete.

It’s getting bad, folks. Those booms you can see offshore aren’t helping. In fact, they’ve been deployed for cameras, and NOT oil. Anyone that has ever worked an oil spill, or gone to “Boom school” will tell you that they are doing it completely wrong, in every single instance.

Once again, BP is just going thru the motions, and has no real intention of “doing the right thing”. Doing the right thing is too expensive, apparently.

I just saw an “intensely good” Youtube video on “Booming for oil spills”. If I can find a version that isn’t filled with profanity (I’ve never heard the “F” word used so many times in 8 minutes – in my life, not even at a boxing match!), I’ll post it so you can see what I’m talking about.

(Send me an email if you want me to just send you the link. I won’t post it, it’s just “too nasty”, even for ME.)

This is the worst oil spill in the history of oil production, folks.

And, it’s heading for the beach in front of my house. I am already at the point of weeping over what it’s doing to Louisiana as I type this.

But I don’t have time to cry. I have to get prepared.

I just hope that I’m successful in getting my wife and son to a safe place, before I have to try and stop it. Char’s system is beaten down by the cancer she carries, the chemo and treatments only make things worse. Joshua is 2, and his little body just isn’t prepared for this kind of battle. The harm to him would be irreversible. I am praying for ALL the kids in the path of this monster. It’s going to absolutely wreak havoc on them.

Stay tuned.

BTW: Check this link out;


Oh… for Corten Cabins in the Pines…

24 May

This oil spill is the last straw.

While I have been trying for quite some time to remove my family from this part of the South, now I must.

Even the fumes from the oil are a threat. My wife, as many of you know, has Stage Three Cervical Cancer. It doesn’t get much worse. We have done all that there is to do. Now, we wait for the end.

The hardest part is watching her with our young son, a two year old terror, who runs and plays like he thinks he’s on some soccer or football field, vanquishing his foes at each foot fall.

Their lungs, their respiratory systems won’t take the contaminants that will come with this oil. The spill will literally reach out from the coastline, to harm those it can’t reach any other way.

And our gardens? Plants are filters. Food grown in contaminated soil, plants that will filter contaminated air…  cannot be consumed.

It is heartache after heartache.

So, what to do?  The unemployment rate here is astronomical. That’s about to change, but it’s a bitter pill, none the less. The damage that will be done cannot be undone by simply throwing dollars at it.

It will allow Me to move my family out of harms way, while I work to help fight this battle. The revenue it brings will help us take that big step we need, to begin building what will be the last home my wife ever lives in, should she survive to see it completed.

But, where do you build?

After a long life with spells of city, suburban and rural living, I read something recently that reminded me of a truth that has guided me for much of my life. It’s quite possibly MY “ultimate truth”;

“Only in certain rural locations can one live free, unencumbered and annoyed by unnecessary bureaucracy, power mongers, fees, applications, approvals, regulations.”

If you think about it, it may occur to you that this is how we are DESIGNED to live. And, the benefits, from a life lived in self-responsibility and self-reliance… are  both psychological and environmentally invaluable. You cannot put a price on “inner peace.”

As a tradesman/idiot savant, I do what many do. I design homes to capitalize on safety, comfort, affordability, sustainability, energy efficiency and again… serenity.

The Internet is a wonderful thing, easily the largest reference library in the world. Just surfing cyberspace will provide you with enough so that almost anyone could feel quite comfortable not consulting any “building code” books.

I for one embrace a “rural existence”, a place where you can be quite happy to live a life free of the scorn and approval of “inspectors”.

If you don’t believe me, I was recently reminded of this site, a veritable gold mine of information:


Let’s face it, for all the hustle and bustle, cities are becoming “graveyards”.

How many foreclosed homes are there, on your street? Are you seeing houses change hands around you? It seems to me that the “economy” (or lack thereof)  doesn’t seem to help much either. Where I live, there aren’t enough jobs available to allow those empty houses to fill back up. So, they sit, carefully recorded on bankers spreadsheets, while families go on being homeless, staring into empty windows. It’s just tragic.

I have a very good friend (more like an “adopted” daughter) that has a grandmother who lives in Detroit. “H” and her husband drive to Detroit regularly to visit her. Her grandmother is an amazing woman, a woman full of “life and art”, who has watched Detroit rise, and now… she’s watching Detroit fail…

Detroit had already lost half of its population before the economy collapsed. Now, it appears that the best thing for the city will be to “downsize”, and  dismantle the city politically, into a few separate governments, with large greenspaces stuffed in between them.

Has anyone thought this thru? Yep. This “transformation” has actually been predicted for several decades…

Some prophecies apparently DO come true.

Much of the “inner city” of Detroit, is turning into fields of garbage and debris. The people who owned homes there, are often losing every single penny of their investment, and then some.

And with economic failure comes despair, heartache, and “the predators” that prey on the  weak, to make their own ends…

My friends had thought to take one of those “bargain” homes in Detroit and renovate it…

Until I warned them that they needed to go see that potential “new home” after darkness had fallen, possibly with a cop in tow, for protection.  Many places are not passable at night, without risk. Between the drugs, the gangs, and the prostitution… it can be a life-threatening event to go to the corner store for a gallon of milk, after night falls.

It’s like New Orleans, but without being able to use Nature as an excuse.

Detroit was hit by an economic hurricane.

And it appears that the Hurricane Season is beginning again…

20 acres and a mule is sounding better and better…

I wonder how many mules it would take to drag a shipping container into place? 😉

My thanks to Laren Corie and his Little House cronies for reminding me of “more things” that will assuredly keep me up nights… 😉

Something wicked this way comes…

14 May

Many of you know that I preach the “Corten Chronicles” from Biloxi, Mississippi, on the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, I live about 1000 feet from the beach.

It used to look like this…

Recently, a Deepwater Horizon oil rig (leased to British Petroleum) exploded in the Gulf, and then sank into the sea, killing several oil workers.

If that wasn’t terribly enough, the oil well started leaking oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Not a little oil, but so much oil that this may become the largest oil disaster in history.

The Deepwater Horizon Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico approaches Mississippi shores.

And then, it will look like this.

The oil leak, which looks likely to be the worst environmental disaster in American history, came after an explosion on April 20 on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig off the coast of Louisiana. The rig, which sank two days later, is owned by Transocean but leased by BP, which has the drilling rights in the oil field.

Thousands of gallons of oil a day are seeping into the Gulf from a leak 5,000ft below the surface, which is making the clean-up operation extremely difficult.

The appearance of the heads of all the companies involved recently before Congress (all perched on the edges of their chairs, like schoolkids in the principals office) was comical, if not tragic. They all simply blamed each other.

BP has been keen to stress that even though the oil rig was leased to the company, it was operated by Transocean so ‘it was not our accident’.

It is however OUR accident. “We, the people”… are going to inherit those multi-national profiteers lack of judgment (or common sense), and the “evidence” is going to wash up on our beaches killing virtually everything it touches, in the next few days.

We are now just “victims of the tide, and the British… again…”Oy.

This is going to make the Exxon Valdex oil disaster look like “olive oil poured into a hot skillet.”

BP claims that they’re doing all they can, but their “efforts” aren’t working, or even helping.

My blood pressure is boiling as I watch the gyrations of these guys, who are pretending that they are actually acting to stop this crisis, but in reality are simply going thru the motions.

I see the tankers flying dumping dispersion chemicals on the spill. But is it helping, or simply making matters even worse? They are dumping poison onto poison…

Here’s a quote from the “New York Times”;

“So far, BP has told federal agencies that it has applied more than 400,000 gallons of a dispersant sold under the trade name Corexit and manufactured by Nalco Co., a company that was once part of Exxon Mobil Corp. and whose current leadership includes executives at both BP and Exxon.

Another 805,000 gallons of Corexit are on order, the company said, with the possibility that hundreds of thousands of more gallons may be needed if the well continues spewing oil for weeks or months.

But according to EPA data, Corexit ranks far above dispersants made by competitors in toxicity and far below them in effectiveness in handling southern Louisiana crude.

Of 18 dispersants whose use EPA has approved, 12 were found to be more effective on southern Louisiana crude than Corexit, EPA data show.”

That said, let’s look at reality.

I grew up in Southern California as a kid, when we were stationed in the US. We lived in a area surrounded by oil fields, processing centers, and earthquakes. And there WERE spills.

They didn’t dump chemicals into the sea. They used HAY, to clean up the mess, or at least start mitigating it.

Hay was used successfully to clean up a major oil spill off of  California’s Santa Barbara coastline in 1969. How do I know? I saw it with my own (young) eyes. I was there. Many, many local US Marines, Boy Scouts, and even “Devil Pups”  helped clean up that spill.

Hay could indeed be used to help protect  and even cleanse the beaches here. But are there any hay bales sitting out there waiting to be used? No.

I mean, hay is bio-degradable, non-toxic, easily handled, and there’s a lot of it. HELLO? A LOT of it.

But, instead, they want to further compound the problem, by making a toxic soup that will kill everything it touches, while they literally throw hundreds of thousands of gallons of toxic goo onto an already toxic mess…

Virtually guaranteeing that nothing will live, or have anything even remotely resembling a hope or chance of recovering from it.

And remember, that “toxic soup” is going to be carried all over the planet, by the Gulf current, killing all over the globe.

They’re pouring gasoline onto a fire.

And WE will ALL pay the price, while BP laughs it’s way to the bank, as they continue to makes hundreds of millions of   dollars a day in oil profits as the price of oil shoots up… as a direct result of this spill.

And, WE will have to figure out how to fix this. Obviously, British Petroleum can’t be trusted.

Now, I’m sure that you’re all just thinking that I’m “grasping at straw”. 🙂

But… Watch this short video, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

More later, I have to make another “beach pass…”