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It’s true, kids… Dishwashers save money…

6 Dec

This post is for all the KIDS of ISBU craving parents out there!

So, parents… kindly go outside and play for a little while, or just go to your room, okay?

We’ll call you back out in a minute.

Now then, kids… double check to make sure that your parents are somewhere else, and we’ll continue.

All clear? Okay, let’s go.

When I was a kid, we used to beg my parents to buy a dishwasher. I know that washing dishes really sucks, but MY mom couldn’t cook anything without the fire department showing up.


And they weren’t showing up for the “mystery meat loaf” either.

My mom would try to make a pot of tea, and every smoke detector for three city blocks would go off.

Ever try to chisel charred “Heaven only knows” off a skillet? No matter how long you soak those bad boys, you about wear yourself out trying to remove the incinerated remains, without (heaven forbid) scratching that “alleged” non-stick coating on the pan.

burntfrypanAt least now I know where Elvis went…

And, if it was REALLY “non-stick,” how come that crap stuck to it in the first place? I suspect that either those pots and pans were made by people who hate kids… or I smell a “non-performance and false-advertizing” lawsuit, huh? ūüėČ

But, (2,920 sinks full of dishes too late) I found out some stuff that might help you out.

Next time your dad says:

“We don’t need no stinking dishwasher… I gotta house full of ’em!”

Try this one on him:

“Dad, I know you think that dishwashers use water and electricity. And, I know that you’re trying to save up so that you can push us out the door at age 18, to some college that is stupid enough to take us in…

But according to this research at the University of Bonn, washing dishes by hand actually uses MORE water and energy than using a dishwasher.

This study showed that washing dishes in a sink used 27 gallons (this number seems a little bit high, but “go big or go home,” I always say…) of water and 2.5kWh of electricity to make the hot water.

And… cleaning the same dishes in an automatic dishwasher required only 4 gallons of water and between 1kWh and 2kWh of electrical energy to heat the hot water.

dishwasherAnd WHAT’S more energy efficient than doing the dishes and feeding the dog at the same time, huh?

Therefore, using this study as a benchmark, having an energy efficient¬† dishwasher could save over 20 gallons of water, and at least 1 kWh per day!”

After that speech, just stand there all smug and say something like:

“Hey… If you don’t believe me, you can look it up yourself on the¬† Internet.”

‘Course, I hope you don’t have a guy like MY dad, because I know how that would have played out…

“Okay, well… I’ll just subtract that chore from your allowance money, to pay for the dishwasher.”

And then he’d adjust our 25 cents a week down to a nickle… that $&%#@!!

Okay, call your parents back into the room, and try it out. Drop me an email an tell me how it worked out, huh?

Stay tuned.

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