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I’m getting some Corten Chickens…

10 Dec

Mose people who read the blog or our Facebook page know that we’re caught in the cold grips of a pretty severe Arctic Storm. It’s been at or sub-zero for weeks.

As rural residents, this brings several issues to the forefront as you deal with the cold, blizzards, lack of mobility and safety.  In the woods, you’re on your own.

Many of you that are following our “farm exploits” know that as of Spring 2014 our poultry and rabbits will be housed in 20′ ISBUs (Shipping containers) that have been remodeled, insulated and heated. The reasons for this are numerous, but include defense against predation, Mother Nature and “two legged miscreants bent on getting free eggs and meat”. The fact that they are actually “movable” should mean the we’re gonna break the record for the World’s Largest Chicken Tractors… LOL!

We posted a short blurb on Facebook, to see if there was any interest in this.  Within about an hour, we received 17 PMs (private messages) asking for ISBU (Shipping Container) Chicken Coop images.

So, again for the record – In SPRING 2014… our poultry and small livestock (rabbits, etc…) will be housed in ISBU based Corten Steel outbuildings.

As we get these ISBU based “Chicken Castles” laid out and constructed, I’ll share them with you. Let me get them going in the right direction,  huh? : )

I posted this to “seed” interest as many of us are seeing our livestock and birds oppressed by predation and theft. We’re trying to figure out a cost effective, weatherized (self contained) way to accomplish it. ISBUs allow a ready made, transportable, weather-resistant container that is perfect for creating strong “livestock systems.” The nice thing about using 20′ ISBUs is that they are easily moved with a forklift. Couple that with some recycled rigid insulation, a small bank or Photovoltaic panels on the roof to make power for heat and operate fans for venting, etc… and you have something pretty impressive.

Stay tuned.

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Oh Baaaaaaaaaa-by.

31 Mar

So, when it comes to ISBUs, you think that you’ve seen everything?

Many of you know that I’m in the midst of committing a random act of arson… um…er… I’m hip deep in building a farm in Montana.

We’re getting set to burn off old fields to get them ready to produce grass hay for the  coming year. Bring your wienies and marshmallows, because it’s gonna be one hell of a fire! (He said in a tone bordering hysterics as he watched his entire farm go up in flames!) LOL!

So, as we start plotting and scheming, “turning and burning”… we’re looking hard at how other people do “things agricultural”. Some of the stuff we’re finding is mind-boggling. Some if it is quite cool. Some of it is even… ISBU.

I bet you haven’t seen THIS.

Mobile Milker5

Mobile Milker2

Mobile Milker

Mobile Milker3

Mobile Milker4

Located near Fresno, CA, this is a ready to use “mobile dairy facility”. Okay, it’s NOT so “mobile”, but it could be. I don’t see any flatbed or a crane parked anywhere, but the owners bill it as a “mobile” unit.  “Transportable” is probably closer to the truth.

But, it REALLY IS a dairy operation. Yes, it’s been State inspected and licensed and this ISBU based facility is ready to use. The owners used it with sheep but would work great for goats too.

If you look closely, you’ll see that it includes everything you need to start a milking operation. You got yer sinks, bucket milker, milk cans, wash acid, and milk stands all tucked inside a Corten Cocoon. EVERYTHING you need is in there, folks. The owners have it up for sale because they’ve outgrown it. They must have stopped using dwarf varieties of livestock and moved on to the bigguns…

So, for $50,000… it can be yours.

I bet you could build this WAY cheaper. In fact, it gives me some ideas about how we could do things on OUR farm.

If they don’t sell it soon, they can always lease it to a Sci-Fi set decorator. I can just see this being used in a Sci-Fi epic about “future food sources” filled with “B Movie” actresses and blood curdling screams… LOL!

Just goes to show you that Darwin wins again…

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For all of you Gentiles out there, know that we are thinking of you as you celebrate this most important of days.

We wish you the happiest of Easter Sundays !

Remember to save us some jelly beans, okay? And please, remember us and our troops overseas, in your prayers.  🙂

It’s almost Spring… at least… HERE.

18 Mar

Many readers know I just spent a bunch of time time “down south”…

No! Not “the Dirty Dirty”, or Miami… but (gasp!) Colorado.

It’s “Horse Country”.  And, I own horses. As I drove around Colorado and Wyoming in “Places Equestrian”… it gave me pause to think my own “horse housing dilemma”…

Okay, admittedly, I have to deal with my “elk dilemma” first. I can’t turn around lately without having to chase them out of the yard. Some St Patty’s Day. No cold beer. No Corned Beef. Just “Elk Chasing” in the snow! Bah!




For all the elk on the property, you’d think we were raising the darn things. 🙂

I guess I’ll just have to buy another freezer…

You see, we’re building a “Sustainability Center”. No, not one of those “Vegan Retreats”, or “Castaway Communes”…. but a real “grass roots” place where we can try new techniques, teach new skills and live like most of our grandparents did… by using our hands and our backs. And every night, we’ll be feasting on grass fed beef, local venison or tasty elk chased with a good glass or two of RED!  Yum! 🙂

But I was talking about horses;

In Montana, you turn horses out to graze. Hey, I mean… HAY and grass are all over the place. While most of the country laments hard times, we’re usually hip deep in hay and grass for our livestock to graze on. But in winter, the “graze” is covered in several feet of snow. So, you pull horses in to feed them. That means “feeding stalls” so that you can control your hay.

So, I gotta build something.

What do you get when you take a pair of 40 or 48” ISBUs, a quartet of 20′ ISBUs, a pair of truck doors and enough SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) to build a proverbial battleship?

20 horse Barn Elevation Concept

You get a “double sided” “H-Shaped” Barn big enough to feed 20-24 horses. You also get several tons of hay storage and a tack room large enough to make a Cavalry Officer giddy…

Better still, it’s all on one level with no ladders or lofts to navigate. When you’re a “Senior Citizen”, that’s important. 🙂

Yep, it’s official. I got my AARP membership card in the mail. Oy. I’m doomed! LOL!

And, because this new set of barns will be made of “Steel and SIPs”, they aren’t not gonna get their butts kicked by most Montana Storms…

In fact, we’ll use that roof plane to harvest rainwater and snow melt.

You can relax, though. I won’t be wearing any “White Hats” or riding any “White Chargers” any time soon… Black hats and big black horses suit me just fine! LOL!

Stay tuned. This should be fun.

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