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A Corten Cabin by the pond…

4 Apr

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to use ISBUs in the woods to build small family retreats.

Using 20′ ISBUs makes trucking containers into hard to access sites much easier. Prefabbed containers could arrive and then be set in a matter of hours. Once set, you’d connect services (like the well, septic and photovoltaic arrays), put on your SIPs roof  and you’d be off and literally “running” in a week.

We’re experimenting with Fracking bladders to create large lined ponds. Each one of these bladders is large enough to create the mother of all ponds.  We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of gallons. We’ve talked about  these bladders before. They’re used to hold water that is mixed with other materials for injection during the oil recovery process.  These bladders are thick,  flexible and just begging to be used as pond and “natural” pool liners. Some of these bladders are 195 FEET in diameter. They hold MILLIONS of gallons of water.

Now dig a hole and line it. Take advantage of a depression on your property and enlarge it. Dig a hole from scratch! Guess what you end up with? You get a lined pond that would easily support a cabin AND a deck that turned into a fishing dock. Yes, I said “fishing dock”.  Imagine a small electric boat tied up to the edge of your deck?

Float some aerators in that pond. Throw in some old dead tree limbs and other various materials (for fish to nest in) and attach a “natural” filtration system. Now you have a fish farm waiting to happen.

Now, that collection of ISBUs might look a bit too “modern” to live in all that Mountain pond bliss. Remember, Corten ISBUs are “just big metal boxes”. You can make them look like anything you like. All it takes is some imagination and some sweat.

What if  you used local trees (harvested from your own property?)  to “side” your Corten Cabin? You might end up with something that looks like this;

Cabin BlissNow, imagine coming home to this every day, for the next several decades of your life?

It’s not hard to imagine for ME! We’re working on drawings now.

Stay tuned.

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