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It is with GREAT SADNESS that I report…

14 Dec

As  I write this, thru a veil a tears,  my wife is crying as she shares in my sadness…

Today, evil invaded a small Connecticut town.  Tragedy has struck Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, a school located in a prosperous community of about 27,000 people located approximately 60 miles northeast of New York City.


A 20 year old man, described as suffering from a personality disorder, walked into an elementary school and opened fire, murdering 20 children  and 6 adults including his own mother, after having murdered another person at another location.


He then killed himself.

Like many, here at RR our hearts are broken at the senseless loss of so many lives.  The majority of the victims were young,beautiful, vibrant children full of hope and dreams of Santa’s impending visit.

It is of little solace right now that they now rest tenderly, safely… in the hands of G_d.

Our broken hearts, our thoughts and prayers are with those families facing this terrible, devastating event. To those caught in the clutches of this maelstrom of horror and heartbreak, our sorrow for what you are going through is without measure.

People ask me WHY so many families are moving into rural areas, to build safe, secure homes to protect their families. THIS is why.

There are MONSTERS among us.

I’m not going to say anything more. It’s said by some that “this old jarhead” is solid as a rock. But today… I just can’t stop crying at this senseless tragedy…

Please, please… go hug your children as tight as you can. And… please… remember these grieving families in your prayers. To those of us, especially those with children of our own, their pain and anguish is OUR pain and anguish as well.


Image Credits: AP