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Corten Cats. Who knew?

5 Jan

Sometimes life lived in Corten brings the need for problem solving.

For instance;

Got cat?

A pal of mine has cats in his Corten Cabin. In fact, when we talk about him being “p***y whipped”… we’re really talking about CATS!

(Oh stop it. We’re all adults here… Well, most of us, anyway…)

It’s easy to tell he has them too. When you walk into the house, the smell hits you right in the face.

And worse, a trip to his “powder room” comes with a “POW!” as the litter-box smell beats your senses like Mike Tyson on a bad day…

Now, several of us have suggested that he teach his cats to live in the barn, but…

… he just called us bad words and pouted like a kid peering into the bottom of an empty “Happy Meal” box…

So for “after-Christmas” we’re giving him THIS:
cat cave
We got the idea from Claire Armstrong, over at Flickr.

It’s as easy as; “1, 2, 4…”

  • Assemble a cheap Ikea storage cabinet.
  • Cut a hole in the cabinet door for said cat to enter.
  • Frame hole with molding.
  • Insert litter box inside cabinet.

Wanna get “geeky?”

Put a fan in the back of the cabinet venting to someplace outdoors.

(A small CPU fan connected to a Radio Shack power supply will work.)

No muss, no fuss. And, you don’t see the cat doing his/her business anymore, either.

That’s goodness.