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Sometimes “Corten Coolness” is exactly that…

10 Apr

Okay, it’s officially “that time of year” again…

In the last 2 weeks, we’ve gotten 19 inquiries from families that want to know how to turn an ISBU container into a pool or spa.

We’ve written about this before, but we actually have three pools being built this year, in conjuction with ISBU homes being built. As that series of projects proceed, we’ll share the details with you, accompanied by “in process” photos.

The second most popular question on this topic is; “What would/could an ISBU pool or spa LOOK like?”

Well, they look just like any other pool (except they obviously aren’t more than about 8 feet wide). If you can conceive it, you can build it. You can get inspiration from all kinds of places.

Here’s a few photographs of cool [pool ideas to inspire your thought processes;

ISBU Pool concept - 20 foot
Pretty Classy backyard, if you ask me. Do this with a 20′ High Cube ISBU and you have the perfect backyard respite even with a small backyard.

20 ft ISBU pool and lounge ideaI’m actually dying to build this one, myself, using (say it with me) a 20′ High Cube. Imagine an ISBU  home set up on pilings.  Now imagine this “pool” being created by a box sitting at grade, with a deck attaching it to your home. I think this would be incredible.

You could even build a “tiny pool” to go with your “tiny house”!

But wait, there’s more. You don’t have to limit yourself to just using ISBUs/ There are other kinds of metal containers and bins that can be repurposed to accomplish backyard Shangra-la!

Dumpster Pools
As you can see, there are a lot of way to conceal your ISBU pool’s origins. And, there are lots of opportunities to create a backyard water feature that will excite you for decades!

Your only limit is your imagination (and the size of your shovel).

Stay tuned.

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Cantilever THIS!

4 May

As we sit here, turning ISBUs into Emergency Kitchens, to feed hungry workers tasked with cleaning up thousands of gallons of oil spill…

Our breaks from the Plasma Cutters and grinders are used up on the phone, trying to get supplies in place, things like chickens, meat, vegetables, canned goods, beverages, and the lot.

Although the oil isn’t here yet, it will be soon.

And those workers are going to want something more than MRE’s… let me tell you.

So you think YOU have problems…

Instead of dwelling on “OMG Projects”, let’s look at another adventure into engineering, shall we?

We talk about ISBUs all the time. It’s a “Shipping Container” blog… hello?

And one of the biggest mysteries in the ISBU arena is whether or not you can “cantilever” containers, to build “willy nilly – helter skelter”  buildings, with containers sticking out everywhere, in every direction.

It’s not a mystery. You CAN’T do it, without some additional support, and a lot of engineering in the background. Those containers aren’t designed to do that. You can cantilever a container, IF you have a ton of cash to throw at it. But on most of my friends budgets, it’s not bloody likely.

But, sometimes the idea of a cantilever can be fun, and even cool. For instance:

This guy in Greece decided that he wanted to really tick off his neighbors, by building a big pool sticking out of  his house. I guess some middle aged guys deal with getting old by buying a Red Corvette. Evidently, in Greece, other phallic symbols do the trick.


Just try and tell me that you wouldn’t kill to have this pool in your backyard… um… on your roof… um… er… never mind.

Designed by Ensamble Studio & Antón García-Abril,  this gravity-defying cantilevered swimming pool at Hemeroscopium House in Greece was constructed out of a single concrete slab, and then picked up by a crane and lowered into place. Amazing stuff, huh?

Now, you can swim laps, and give yourself a coronary (by “swimming into the “abyss”) at the same time. I don’t know about you, but that kick-turn on the glass wall end would stop my heart every time! 🙂

People call it “stunning”. Me? Um… I think it’s just nuts.

For all you DIY’ers out there… Here’s how they built it:

I wonder IF you COULD do this with a Corten box…. Nahhhhhh! 😉

Stay tuned.