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Tornado Relief Project!

4 May

Attention: To all residents of Harrison or Jackson Counties, Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs and outlying residents.

There is a Tornado Relief Aid truck stationed in the Winn-Dixie parking lot on Pass Rd, directly across from the across from the Wal-mart.

2384 Pass Road, Biloxi, MS.

The hope is to fill it up with food, water, clothing, furniture, tools, blankets and bedding, camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags, stoves, etc…) you name it… to take to the Tornado Victims in Smithville, MS.

Smithville was just hit by an EF-5 Tornado. You can clearly see from aerial photos the damage done by these horrific winds. This is the first EF-5 Tornado to hit Mississippi since 1966. I hope it’s the last!

Don’t forget things like childrens clothing, diapers, formula and toys! Children are the hardest hit by disaster.

If you have anything you would like to donate,  it will be manned by volunteers from 4-7 every evening this week.

You can see by the carnage that they literally need EVERYTHING!

I’ll add that cash donations are also needed, to assist in ways that can’t reach out of the back of the truck!

Please. They were there for us after Hurricane Katrina. Let’s be there for them, now.

Image Credits: WKGR, AP – via Google.

A Corten Commune? Whaaa?? ;)

27 Apr

Some quick thoughts as we take a breath…

We’re busy organizing and gathering aid for some families in Mississippi that just got pounded by Mother Nature. She must really be mad at Mississippi… First, multiple Hurricanes, and now Tornadoes that ravaged entire communities.

Yep, I guess that tornadoes aren’t just for Kansas and girls named Dorothy… Recently, Mississippi (and Louisiana and Alabama as well) got pounded by the devils.

And once again, people are homeless and in need of fast emergency housing, while they try to figure out what happens next…

As more and more of those people start thinking “about the road ahead”…

I’m being asked more and more about how you can build something “reasonable” for a small family, without killing yourself financially in the process. Nobody wants those FEMA “death-trailers…”

And I don’t blame them.

You’ve probably already seen my ideas for using larger containers to build “dorm-style mini-homes” for site workers in Haiti.


Can you build a small “cluster” community out of 20′ ISBUs?


The best way to cut expenses is to spread the costs out between the families. Right? So…

First, build a separate series of bath/shower containers, and pair them up with small “residential” units built from 20′ High Cube shipping containers.

It would be easy to build several toilet facilities, enclosed shower units, and even stacked laundry units into a single 20′ box, that could just be dropped into place to provide immediate relief from the wrath of Ole’ Mom Nature…  You could even put solar panels on the roof to heat the water… Easy. And… since we’re talking about panels, add a panel or two to power light systems.

(Yes, I realize that adding laundry units means generating more power, like by using a small portable generator…)

Now, since you wouldn’t have a bath and shower in each family unit…

You’d have plenty of space for a small kitchenette, a fold down bunk system and some comfortable living area, that is sheltered from any further storm activity.

Build (1) bath unit for (4) Family units, and you’d have an instant “settlement” that could be dropped off the back of flatbed truck beds, onto precast concrete blocks.

Okay, so maybe it’s fast, but say people don’t wanna share baths…

And, hey… nobody likes to hike for a  CBF – “communal bathroom facility” at all hours of the night, so why now just nestle one between two 20′ residential units, to form a big “U” by running One 20′ High Cube across the back, between the two opposed (sleeping) ISBUs.

Now you have big apartment sized baths back to back, and water easily reached on both side, for kitchens, and even a huge greenhouse that would fill that big hole you just created.

Now, drop another 20′ High Cube ISBU on top of your pair of opposed units, and you have a second floor, to use as a big bedroom loft.

Voila, now it’s not “emergency housing… It’s “instant apartments.”  11′ kitchens, normal sized baths, a neat LR/DR area, and a cool loft bedroom overlooking a lush greenhouse filled with produce and life-giving plants, year round!

Now, go a step further.

What say we place that whole shooting match on an insulated slab, and then earth berm around the outsides of it? What do you get for all that effort? You get a pair of semi-underground homes, without much digging. Now, think about the possibilities. Like for instance, radiant in floor heating.

All you need is a bunch of cinderblocks, some rebar, and some concrete. And PEX tubing… Lots of PEX.

(PEX tubing is what you use to run your hot water thru, to heat your slab.)

Now you have great South Exposure, protection from the cold North, and you’ve done it all yourself, over a series of weekends.

Okay, now take that same idea, and build a single family home.

U shaped ISBU structure, 2 levels high.

20′ x 28′ foot two story room in the center, complete with Island Kitchen and Washer/Dryer area.

Now you have 4 bdrms, 4 bathrooms (including (1) common bath on the first floor, an office, a banquette seating area, (2) small decks, and enough great room for a decent woodstove.

Put a standing seam metal roof over it, in that hipped shape that I’m so fond of…

Instant home.
Just add water.
And power.
And AC.
And Insulation… don’t forget the SPF!

All for the low, low price of… um… er… how much ya got? 😉

Gimme a day or two to get things here under control, and I’ll draw something out, to demonstrate exactly what I’m talking about. I can see it in my head, but you really don’t wanna go there… 😉

Stay tuned.