I love the Irish… the sights, the sounds… the Containers…

19 Nov

You know, for years  when I thought about Ireland, I remembered times spent in my youth amongst those red-haired vixens with lilting voices who sang like angels.

(You thought I was going to regurgitate trips to famous architectural sites in Belfast of Dublin, didn’t you? Hello? It was in my YOUTH… Curvy red-headed girls who sang like choirs echoed from heaven easily trump St Pat’s Cathedral in Dublin or a legion of Norman or Anglo-Irish Castles…) 🙂

Now,when I think about Ireland, I think about a beautiful country filled with hard-working people, united in the task of rebuilding themselves.

Now please excuse me. This album of Celtic Women singing isn’t gonna listen to itself! Now, where did I put that Guinness? 🙂

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